Privileges of MAISON DE VAZARO CLUB members

  1. 1.Prime private terms for all purchases and orders in Maison De Vazaro salon regardless of the sum. It also concerns our online shop of elegant dishware and home accessories
  2. Priority service by a personal manager or, in case of his absence, by the salon manager.
  3. 3.Free gift wrapping regardless of a purchase sum.
  1. 4.Possible provision of an exclusive phone number for 24-hour service, consultations and support.
  2. 4.Free shipping of any orders regardless of the sum to the appointed time within Moscow and the Moscow oblast.

Personal service programmes


MAISON DE VAZARO club member may, upon dictating his club card number and the security code placed on the opposite side of the card, notify the salon that his or her agent, relative, friend or partner is coming. This is enough for the guest to get all privileges and services available for club members alone.


Limitless stock service is available for all MAISON DE VAZARO club members. It is devised to help find needed produce or manufacturer. Terms will be requested and primary negotiations will be held on your behalf; thereafter we will be able to make an order and ship exclusive (including custom tailored) production by European manufacturers.


This service programme allows members of MAISON DE VAZARO club to tackle a difficult task of choosing and arranging an original gift. It includes the whole sequence of operations, from giving recommendations and developing a unique idea of a present to its fulfillment. Custom design of a gift and its wrapping, tailor-made customized articles (including those created in a single copy) with a monogram of a presenter or a receiver – all this will guarantee that your gift will be a unique and striking one.


Your Exquisite Style programme lets a member of MAISON DE VAZARO club get a designer solution for ceremonial dinner table setting and decoration. At your request we may also put your monogram on porcelain, china and silver ware as well as pick up matching textiles, accessories and waiters’ uniforms.


This programme gives MAISON DE VAZARO Club members order the development of a gift certificate that will be serviced by MAISON DE VAZARO salon. The programme will allow you make an elegant gift on the one hand and on the other entitle the card’s holder to choose a present for him or herself.

Designers & Decorators Partnership

This service programme is specifically developed to meet the needs of architects, designers and decorators. Apart from the special service conditions, club members are provided with informational service and support both remotely and in person - a personal manager may come to their place with a set of samples and catalogues.

Personal Gifts Аgent

Personal Gift Agent programme is aimed to minimize marketing development and organization expenses for corporate customers; it deals with loyalty programmes, special and promotional offers. We offer off-the-shelf designer solutions for MAISON DE VAZARO Club members. A visit by a personal manager with a set of catalogues for selecting corporate gifts of middle, high and VIP price tiers is free.


This programme offers organizational services or special visits to European factories where customers can get acquainted with the manufacturing process and technologies as well as elaborate details of their prospective corporate orders. The visit organization if free for MAISON DE VAZARO Club members.

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